Studio Lead Dyke Nipper – Stained/Leades Glass Tools

Studio Lead Dyke Nipper – Stained/Leades Glass Tools Price: $11.59 (as of 07/06/2024 20:55 PST- Details)

Lead dykes or Lead Nippers as they are often known are handy lead snipping pliers, great for in repairs, straps and fine trimming of lead. These snips have fine cutting blades so you can snip the flat section at either end of each section of the lead to lift open and remove glass from leaded lights while in (provided it is in wide enough lead to fold open and not at the edge of a Secure plastic hand grips panel). Then replace the glass, fold down the lead and re-cement to weather proof it.Honed edges for precise cuts on lead came

Jaw design assures clean cuts without crushing came
6-1/4″ long (159mm) high quality lead dyke with spring-loaded feature which reduces chances of distorting and crushing lead during cutting.
Secure plastic hand grips
Spring-loaded handles is 6″ long
A quick and easy way to trim lead came

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