Gryphon Studio Stained Glass Grinder

Gryphon Studio Stained Glass Grinder



The Gryphon Studio Grinder is one of your best buys in diamond grinders. It offers professional quality performance at a hobbyist price. It features the most powerful motor in its class— the motor will not stall no matter how hard you push on the glass. The grinder also features rugged construction, standard clear face shield, and standard flexible spray guards. The gravity-fed coolant tower provides exactly the right amount of clean water to the bit at all times. Versatile sponge placement cools two bits at once –there is no need to switch back and forth.

POWERFUL DC MOTOR – 0.67 amp, 3000 rpm.
GRAVITY-FED COOLANT TOWER – Delivers just the right amount of clean water to the grinding head at all times.
LARGE WORK SURFACE – 9.75” by 9”.
COMES WITH A GRINDING HEAD – Simple to mount, the grinder head will be lubricated by the sponge.
SIMPLE CONSTRUCTION – Few moving parts increases reliability.
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